Creating physical, digital, and hybrid experiences for the world we live in, and the devices we live on.


TH Experiential is a marketing agency that has partnered with over 500 brands to execute campaigns inclusive of pop-ups, retail events, and installations. As their Product Design Intern, I had the privilege of working on proposals for Sephora, Kohl's, and more companies in the retail industry.


Product Designer


June 2023 to

September 2023

(10 weeks)


Visual + UI Design





~8 People


My Clients

My Deliverables at a Glance

Desert Hunt Video Game

DAE Hair

Metallic-Themed AI Art Studio Merch

KISS Nails

Holiday Hunt Gift List


Holiday Hunt Avatars


Design Agency Culture Shock

Suddenly, it felt like my prior design experience was thrown out the window. My first assignment was to collect retro stock images for a social network app in its early stages—something seemingly simple—but in reality, it took me around three hours. I was also surprised that my mentors used random stock images in their deliverables. It became apparent how important speed and results were in this high-stakes industry environment. It was try, try, again until I hit the mark.

🚨 "Next time make sure the avatars match the beauty industry."

"Can you finish the mobile screens and logos before our check-in? And touch up this mockup in Photoshop?"

"Hmm this one stock image looks good for our app. Can you keep searching?"


Dae Hair

Fast-forward to week 5 of my internship: my mentors entrusted me with conceptualizing a video game for Dae Hair! Dae is an Arizona-based brand creating clean and simple haircare products found on Sephora shelves since 2020. The Ask was to create a digital video game that gamified the Ecommerce experience to make it more fun and community-oriented.


Rapid Research Process

Brand Research | Strategy

I analyzed Dae’s rewards programs and found that Dae builds customer loyalty through Daedreamers club, their Subscribe & Save subscription program, and Hair Quiz.

Moodboarding | Visual

Next, I helped brainstorm the look of Dae's first original characters and video game. I focused on finding Dae-like screenshots with clean, vector illustration styles.

Competitive Analysis

After that, I gathered examples of trending open world, simulation, linear journey, and arcade games. I tried to strike a balance between fun and feasibility.

Report Findings

For each of the examples, I prepared ratings with justifications. I presented them to my mentor in a meeting to finally narrow down potential Dae game options together.

My Original Game Concept

Technically, my job was done after research. But I still sought to contribute to the design process, so surprised my mentor with this slide. It evolved into one of our minigames, Dae Desert Hunt.

At TH Experiential, we communicated everything in Google Slides


Low Fidelity Salon Exterior

High Fidelity Salon Interior + Tools Used

Made from scratch using Photoshop, Figma, Midjourney, TikTok, and Shutterstock


Welcome to Dae Dreamhouse, an open-world game with immersive gameplay.

Dae Landing Page

  • Enter the Daedream House

  • CTA guide (Dae logo + speech bubble)

  • Game UI inclusive of Avatar, Names, Game Level, Points/Timer

Main designer: Mandy's Mentor

Framed as a pitch to Client & Investor, Dae

Thanks for reading! A quick recap….

Staying up-to-date with marketing trends
My resourceful teammates opened my eyes to stock image sites, Pinterest search strategies, Midjourney AI art, and Gucci Town on Roblox. They also taught me graphic design tricks in Adobe Suite. Modern toolbox = expanded.

Understanding business needs

Each week, I onboarded myself to a different company's online presence, internal resources such as brand guidelines, and design brief before designing on their behalf.

Making tradeoffs for tight deadlines
Unlike in my human-computer interaction research internship, I did not have to to conduct deep research. Instead, I focused on pushing pixels into minimum viable products for our clients to approve or deny in time for planned launch dates.

Brands are a beautiful thing. I had the privilege of bringing companies' visual identities to life in real-world experiential campaigns. Thank you to the Creative Team at TH Experiential for making my first agency experience an unforgettable one!